Beit Iba, Jit, Mon 27.10.08, Morning

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Ziona A., Osnat R. (reporting) Translator: Charles K.


08:50  Jit junction:  No checkpoint


09:10  Beit Iba: 

No lines.

People entering aren’t being checked.

A couple with a babyinfo-icon pass through the humanitarian lane.  His ID number appears on the list, and he’s detained.  His wife waits with the baby.  The situation, of course, could have been worse.  When Ziona asked the checkpoint commander to bring a chair for the woman, he did so immediately, and the DCO representative made numerous calls to speed up the ID check.

At 10:05 the couple was released.


A peddler with a cart loaded with sacks is asked to take some of them to make sure that nothing is hidden underneath, while a loaded truck goes through without being inspected.

A female MP yells (literally yells) at one of the people leaving Nablus.

People leaving Nablus are inspected strictly, they’re asked to open packages even if they passed through the magnemometer with no problems.