Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Wed 15.10.08, Afternoon

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Hagar L. Etika D. Natanya translating

14.15 The western and main entrances to Marda were open.

14.25 Za'tara. The eastern entrance - two cars having documents checked. We went on after a few minutes. The western entrance - 6 cars.

15.00 Huwwara. 120 people waiting in the men's line to Nablus. Another 100 about 30 metres from the checkpoint guarded by soldiers who regulated the amount of those entering.

15.07 All entered. A crane is taking the toilets above the line of those entering Nablus to a new place at the checkpoint  which is being built. 3 lanes and one humanitarian.  The commander and the DCO representative pass between the lines of young men and tell the older men to go to the middle with no checking. The passage takes 18-20 minutes. Three young men come out smiling and tell  about another man, an Israeli who was holding a parcel of cigarettes in his trousers. The soldier told him to open the package and he refused and so he was sent back and not allowed to pass. The man left the line and went through another line which he passed without delay. The Palestinians were glad that the soldiers had not noticed this. The x-ray machine has been moved because of the work which is being done to widen the checkpoint.
15.25 There are 50 people in the humanitarian line and 20 others in the lines of young people.  A private car is not allowed into Nablus and a taxi is not allowed out. A man on the side line seems to have been refused exit but goes back to another line and goes through without delay.

16.00 We left for Azzun Atma.