Reihan, Shaked, Sat 8.11.08, Morning

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Rachel H., Noah L. (reporting)
Translation: Yael Bassis-Student

Shaked (Tura) checkpoint -0750-0820
Traffic is on going on both sides but is relatively reduced: There are people, vehicles, donkeys.
Olive picking at this area is apparently over; no olive pickers and their families and belongings are around.

It appears that vehicles inspection is slow and a line builds up, but, timing it, it turns out that cars wait not longer than a15 minutes from their time of arrival.
Two cars, one from each direction, turn back without being inspected. Drivers drove away immediately thus avoiding us for sharing the problem.

Rihan (Barta'a) checkpoint - 0830-0930
The prettiest checkpoint in the world continues to be developed: New plants,walls, guard posts covered with local stone, shining lavatories .
On our way to the terminal's entrance, we are told by those coming out that the interior is mobbed. According to one person, passage takes half an hour; five other people said it took them an hour and a half.
There are no people waiting by the turnstile at the entrance to the terminal.
Inside the terminal one booth is operational. The stream of people coming out continues. At this point we are asked to go to the other entrance of the terminal, from the Palestinian car park area, where many wait outside. We walked over but apparently by the time we got there all had  already gone in. From now on at least no one waits outside and who ever arrives, goes in immediately.

As usual we have no way on knowing what is going on inside the terminal except for what we hear from people coming out.

Vehicles are being inspected is in the  big tent, four cars in 17 minutes. Waiting period is relatively short since there are only a few vehicles.