Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Thu 11.9.08, Morning

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Mira and Ofra

Clarification: Due to time differences between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (+1hr. ahead) and our own work obligations, we came early today and didn't get to see the children go to school in Hebron.  

Metar-Sansana CP:
06:15: The parking lot on the Palestinian side is packed and on the Israeli side, workers await their transportation. As we approach the CP we hear one of the checking staff shouting. A man's voice shouts back. From a distance, it is difficult to understand what it's about.The (short) line stops and checking does not proceed on one of the lanes. Most workers move to the other lane. One of the workers leaves the CP and returns a few minutes later, carrying some metal part. He tells us that the checking person didn't understand what this tool is and so, wouldn't allow it in, while the worker shouting back at her is trying to explain that he needs it for his work. A minute later, the problem is resolved, and checking proceeds on both sides of the CP. (Perhaps if the checking person could hear the worker the entire dispute would have been avoided, but through the glass she couldn't hear his explanation.) 

Road 60
Again, we see the Egged bus enter the illegal settlement Eshtamo’a. 
On our way back, many pupils and others walk on both sides of the road. 

Dura el Fawar
: Open. On our way back, a jeep is parked next to a water spring. The soldiers are in the jeep, but it seems that no Palestinian will approach it as long as the soldiers are there.  
Abeda: A military jeep with soldiers stands where the IDF has apparently determined to set up a permanent post. Lately, there's a jeep standing here whenever we pass by. The reason for the presence of the soldiers here is unclear. 
The Sheep's Crossing: Open. Pedestrian passage is blocked and they must make a detour across the road. At this time of the year, it adds on only a few tens of meters but in the winter, when it rains, it will already be an entirely different story. 

Road 35:
The new CP is again closed. Blocks scattered on the road prevent passage. A truck gets rather stuck when attempting to back out. Passage was apparently open only very briefly (perhaps only to allow the announcement in the media that the road is open…) The CP closer to the humanitarian CP is open, but a military jeep stands right on the pathway. We try to find out from the two soldiers whether the CP is open, but there's no reply. Theypretend to be sleeping in order not to reply. We are left with our questions unanswered.  

New concrete blockages at point 397.Hadassah House: a sleepy soldier raises his hand for a lift. He wants to go up to Tel Rumeida, but will not do so with traitors. We continue our drive. Next to the stairs of the Kordoba school, a new shaded area was put up, with a command-board next to it and the place looks like a new post. 

Tel Rumeida: On the house at the corner, next to the soldiers' checking point, the number 156 was written and a new star of David was drawn (I think it is new, but I might be wrong).  A first drizzle of children headed towards school (it is still very early and they must have literally fallen out of bed). The bags are obviously checked. And as we are in a hurry, we don't wait for the heavier flow of children.

On our way out of Hebron, we notice that at least 12 new caravillas were positioned in the "Mimra views" neighborhood, behind the front row of houses overlooking the road, and it is therefore difficult to notice them (Kiryat Arba).
We had previously reported on paving works being carried out at this spot. Now it is clear what they meant.