'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Sun 9.11.08, Morning

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Yocheved J. and Hannah H.
Translation: Devorah K.

06:00 - A'anin CP
The CP opened at 5:30 and at this time people are already going out to work.
By 6:10 all the tractors, with the women and the children, leave.
From 6:10 on a slow stream of people keep leaving the CP. The soldiers tell us that the gate will remain open until 7:00.

06:20 - Reihan-Barta'a CP
The CP, which has opened at 05:00, is now relatively quite. Most of the people have gone through and on to work. A group of agricultural workers is waiting for a ride. One car on the way from the West Bank to the seamline zone is being inspected in the shed. A taxi with students goes through from the seamline zone to the West Bank. The people going through insert a magnetic card and hand over their IDs, and within 5 minutes they are on their way. Only one window is operating in the terminal.
At 6:55 all the workers who havwe been waiting for a ride in the upper parking lot, are gone.

07:15 - Shaked - Tura CP
The CP is already open, but on the way we met only three workers who have gone through. At the entrance to the CP from the side of Tura, many people (about 50), who want to go through to the seamline zone, are crowded together. There are also a few vehicles. Nobody goes through and the shouts of "Back, back" are heard. It turns out that the x-ray machine in the inspection room is out of order and the soldiers have decided not to let people through.
Tura schoolchildren go through immediately without inspection. But students on their way to Jenin wait in their car until 07:30. A car taking pupils to Ya'abed is waiting, even though the children have already gone through. (The car will be able to go on only at 07:45.) A passenger car on the way to Ramallah, apparently on some urgent errand, is forced to turn back several times, with the soldiers yelling and the passengers protesting. Only when they return to the CP for the third time, do the soldiers agree to inspect their papers and in a minute they go through. But the noise and the crowding near the entrance cause them some additional delay. Another three people went through to the seamline zone by 07:25.
The head of the Salem DCO confirms to us that they know there is a problem. But he "does not understand why there is so much excitement about it. Let them wait a little bit." In the meantime a vehicle with soldiers arrives, among them a colonel.
At 07:40 the passage of the people begins with the inspection being done outside (as was done for a long time, and therefore it is not clear why it was impossible to begin this earlier, and without the shouts and the preaching). The cars from the West Bank begin to go through as well.
At 08:00, Mansur from the DCO arrived to see what was happening. It seems that during these days, workers going through this CP include olive-pickers who work in the settlements. And that is why there is so much pressure.
When we left at 08:00 ten people and two cars were still waiting to go through to the seamline zone.

08:10 - Reihan CP
Six pickup trucks with goods have been being inspected since 07:00 in the closed compound. Another seven pickup trucks are waiting. Four passenger cars from the West Bank entered the big tent for an inspection that lasted twenty minutes. Pedestrians in the CP go through in seven minutes.