'Anabta, Jubara (Kafriat), Mon 3.11.08, Afternoon

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Bilha A, Yonah A Translator: Orna B

13:45 Jubara
We wait by the locked gate for a soldier to come and open it for
us. The soldier Shiran , the Figs Gate's commander enquires and is
told that the entrance to Jubara is totally forbidden. There are Blue
and White flags on the checkpost windows at the Figs' Gate.
14:35 Anabta
On the asphalt surface just beyond the left turn in the direction
of Anabta we meet Piras who had gotten off a cab. He tells us that he
had been born in Jenin, and that he lives with his wife and 4 children
in Umm el Fachm for 11 years. He is a professional hairdresser and has
a Supreme Court order forbidding his expulsion from Israel. His mother
in Jenin  fell ill and was hospitalised , and she asked him to come and
help her. This morning he went to Jenin. He had gone through the
checkpoints with no problem. Now on his way back the soldiers at the
checkpoint tell him that the court order does not grant him the right
to return. He decided to wait for the change of shifts at the
chckpoint, in order to try his luck again.  There is a very long queue
of vehicles, especially lorries and cabs trailing from the direction of
Tulkarm and one cannot see its end. A cab driver who had gone through
the checkpoint shouts to us , gesturing very angrily "I have waited for
an hour and a quarter to go through the checkpoint, an hour and a
quarter!" Later at Deir Sharef a cab driver will stop next to us and
protest about " problems at Anabta checkpoint. I was there today for 2
Two soldiers man the south checkpost and two others man the north
checkpost. A military jeep stands south of the observation tower. In
the jeep sits a civilian and a soldier with a gun is standing by. North
of the tower stands a cab and a few youths stand next to it. One of the
soldiers passes on to the soldier by jeep the ID papers of the youths.
Ten minutes later three youths are summoned one by one for a short
conversation with the civilian in the jeep, their IDs are returned to
them and the cab continues on its way to Tulkarm at 14:55.
15:00 It took 20 minutes for a lorry to go through from the moment
it appeared to us until it reached the checkpoint. At the entrance to
Tulkarm a soldier stops each and every car, exchanges a few wods with
the passengers, says 'Thank you' and summons the next car. Traffic is
lively. Now one can see the end of the queue at the exit from Tulkarm.