'Anabta, Jubara (Kafriat), Tue 11.11.08, Afternoon

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Guy G., Adi Z. (reporting) Translation: Galia S.

Posters in bright colours, saying "A Jewish soldier is good for Jews", have been posted in all the main junctions. An attempt draw a parallel between the riots in Acre and the pogrom carried out by settlers from Yitshar in the neighbouring village of Asira el Qibliya is voiced in more posters that say, "An Arab policeman is good for the Arabs, as was demonstrated in the incidents of Acre and the Jewish policeman is good for the Jews, demonstrated in the Yitshar incidents". Enclosed to Beit Iba report are pictures we took in Jit.

Because of the strike at Nablus University, the traffic at all the checkpoints is scarce. The students stay at home. According to passers-by, the reason for the strike is budget.


13:20 – Four vehicles stand in line. One of the soldiers paints the inspection posts.


13:35 – At the entrance to Tulkarm the soldiers signal the vehicles to pass with a hand wave. ID cards and passage permits are checked at the exit from the city.

We go on to Shave Shomron and Beit Iba, (and since we want to show our guests larger parts of the West Bank, we pass at Huwwara as well and return via Za'tara junction and Shomron Gate).