'Anabta, 'Azzun, Qalqiliya, Wed 5.11.08, Afternoon

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Sarah P, Tami C Translator: Orna B

14:30 Qalqiliya
The checkpoint is practically deserted. Many cars are parked in the parking lot.
14:35 Azzun
Azzun is still completely closed off. They also closed off
the road parallel to Route 55, which leads to Azzun from Izbest Tabib.
14:45 Alon Shvut is deserted . There are no more checkpoints until you get to Beit Iba. 
16:20 Anabta
The soldiers  are busy in the "smoking position". Thus a small
number of cars were standing at the entrance to Tulkarm and at the exit
too. It seems our arrival hinted to them to start "operating their
fingers" and traffic began moving, one could say, although no doubt we
were quasi transparent to the soldiers. Perhaps next time we should
bring a cake?

16:40 We reached the Figs Gate. It is almost
deserted, but here they talked to us. Here an officer, a lieutenant,
informed us unequivocably that we were not allowed to enter the village
. He tried to get permission over the phone but no one reponded to him.
After waiting for 20 minutes we left frustrated, full of longing for
Aharon Haliwa. At the entrance to the village they had added a studded
area on the the left and a bannister on the right. The rest is left to
the imagination.