Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Thu 18.9.08, Morning

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Zipi & Naama
Seriously? Does this make us safer?

6.00 Maitar- Sansana CP
The CP is almost empty, many tracks waiting in the Palestinian side.

Road no.60
The CPs towards Hebron are open but only few cars are seen due to the early hour and Ramadan fast.

6.30 Pharmacy CP is empty. We climb toward Tel Rumaida 2 policemen and 4 soldiers guarding the place trying to avoid us from reaching the "cage house". Zipi's son leads us in a detour climb, a very steep one. How could old people take this route? We pass thorough a gap in a fence, reach a ground where the garbage is burried  and burned (the army do not let garbage cars drive through the neighbor hood). 
Back to the CP – 2 volunteers from the Ecumenical churches guard the checking of children on their way to school (see photo on the left). The soldiers try to argue with us about our opinions, we leave.
TARPAT CP – Passing is smooth.

On the way out from Hebron we observe a sign about building a new quarter in Kiriat Arba.

Road 317
No military presence, everything in order.