Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Tue 23.9.08, Morning

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Michal Z., Hagit B. (reporting)

Translating - Yael Z.

Maitar – Sansana CP
2 busses of prisioners' families are being checked on their way to the weekly visit. In the yard inside the CP tracks are exchanging load in a "back to back" system. Sand is moving from Israel to Palestine. The passing is smooth and quick S., the CP manager is to be praised for that.

Road No. 60
The works on the road were finished, such a fine road for so little traffic, Palestinian and Israeli. All the blockades are in place.

Road No. 35
The bridge is open on both sides.
A new passage to Hebron was opened north to the bridge, watched by the pill box over the bridge. 

Road No. 356
Bani Naim
– The gate is open, so are the gated in Pnai Hever and Zif. We are the only car on that part of the road.

Ofer Ohana has returned annoy us while taking photos. He is escorted by a police car so as to watch us both. It seems that the soldiers admire him and welcome him warmly.
The children are double checked: in Tel Rumaida and 70 meters ahead in TARPAT CP. 5 soldiers check the children in Tel Rumaida addressing them rudely.
Patriarchs cave – 2 detaineesinfo-icon at a time are held for 10 minutes and then released.
Shuhada St. – at least 3 new standing points with soldiers were added lately, 5 soldiers in every CP. Soldiers are escorting the settlers' children who are waiting for their school bus.