Beit Iba, Tue 4.11.08, Morning

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Ruthi C, Shlomit S. (reporting) Translator: Charles K.

Routine and quiet again at the checkpoint.  Everyone
wanting to enter Nablus
is checked.  No lines, just high wire fences.  Vehicles are also checked, and
continue.  The system of traffic lights and mechanical arms resemble useless
but threatening decorations.

At 7:30 – a break.  Everyone stands still.  It’s a
little reminiscent of when people stand at attention when the Memorial Day
siren sounds.  No one’s walking or riding, it’s very quiet, soldiers talk
quietly to each other.  After ten minutes pass, life at the checkpoint returns to
normal, with lines of 50 people and 10 cars to enter Nablus.

The line of people on foot evaporates quickly, people
entering without being checked.

We heard the DCO representative tell the checkpoint
commander that it wasn’t a good time for the drill he held, and was told “Sure,
I’ll ask you when to hold it.”

When we left things were the same as they were upon
our arrival: routine and quiet.  No lines.  High wire fences.