'Anata, Qalandiya, Tue 25.11.08, Afternoon

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Rina H., Chana G., Rahel W. (reporting)

We went to Qalandiya by way of Atarot and parked our car in the lot on the road heading back toward Ar Ram.

As we approached the checkpoint, there
was a deafening sound.  The metal door in the middle of the wall was
opening to allow a military vehicle through.  In the back seat of the
van were two blindfolded young men.  We have no idea where and why they
were picked up, but the vehicle then headed toward the direction of
Atarot. (Later on, when we were leaving,the vehicle returned to the
same spot with the same two men, this time with their heads down).
When we arrived (about 2:10 p.m.)
there was very little movement of either people or vehicles. 
Gradually, the numbers picked up.  Initially, there was only one lane
open, but as the numbers increased, a second lane opened.  Total
waiting time to get through (heading toward Jerusalem) was not more
than 8 - 10 minutes.  Cars as well went through with little wait.
As we waited in the area in front of
the sleeves, we noticed a soldier in the cement block swaying back and
forth.  He had a book of psalms (tehillim) and he was deep in prayer. 
In the middle of this surrealistic scene, he was in another world,
obviously totally oblivious to the hellish world he was in.
Anata 3:45
Very busy.  School children arriving
home.  Two lanes open heading toward Jerusalem.  No check on those
heading the other way.  A large number of army personnel, most of whom
were trying to keep themselves occupied.