Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya, Sun 23.11.08, Morning

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Paula and Ofra (reporting)

Meytar CP
6:45: Only few workers were seen at the "sleeveinfo-icon' being checked. Many were waiting in the parking lot at the Israeli side waiting for the rest to come.

A tent was built on the ruins of Federman's ranch. We couldn't decide whether it was a military tent or the settlers'.

Tel Rumaida -Children on their way to school, most of them were not checked. Grown ups were asked to show their documents and quickly went on.

The city is covered with posters concerning the coming elections. No tension was felt though. There are signs preparations towards winter: the soldiers' positions were covered against rain.

Abraham's Cave – new toilets cabs were brought

Tarpat CP – We were detained by a soldier who claimed to have a major general order but couldn't show us one. We went on without his permission, towards Hadassa house. There we found another soldier who tried to detain us but his commander ordered him to care for our personal security instead. We tried to get information about the riots from some TIPH people but they hadn't been around because of the riots.

Pharmacy CP – Two boarder control soldiers breif a new Giv'aty soldier about us. He looked unhappy to see us so we left.

Disputed house – A new guarding position with boarder control soldiers with table and 2 chairs welcomed us. Two military vehicles near the house guarding the settlers in the house. The graffities on the mosque walls were washed out.

At Bas'm's grocery we looked at the photos from last Thursday's riots. Settlers had been throwing stones on Palestinians, while soldiers and policemen stood by. 

A police car escorted us back to our car for safety.

Generally speaking – the city looked peaceful, with no traces of last weekend's tension.

Road 35
Idna – The oil-press house was empty. No olive harvest was allowed, the men there were frustrated and talked about house ruining orders.

Tarqumia CP – No workers or cars seen