'Anabta, Thu 4.12.08, Afternoon

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Tom K. Semadar H . Hagar L.

Natanya translating

18.00 Anabta.
A long line which continues into the main road at the entrance to Tulkarm.  A long line at the exit. Drivers who come from the east tell us that road 60 is still blocked to Palestinians at the crossroads east of Jit. The drivers wanting to enter Tulkarm are honking their horns and one can understand them as they have probably been on the road for hours at various checkpoints. A reserve unit is at the checkpoint. The checkpoint itself is dark and very hard to understand how adult soldiers can not see the absurdity of the delaying cars to check them as to check in this darkness is absurd, more so than checking cars going into a mall in Israel. This does not prevent the soldiers from asking and looking at IDs now and again. Now and again cars go through without stopping. And as always on Thursdays in the evening many car with Israel number plates are entering and leaving. We wait until the line shortens and leave.
lso at A-Ras there are longish lines of cars which are not entering.

Because of the lateness of the hour when we started the shift we did not get to Qalqiliya, Jubara and A-ras.