Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Mon 15.12.08, Afternoon

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Yael I., Orit Y. (Reporting)

14.30 – 17.30

We started at the Arab part of Abu Tor and traveled via the Moskowitz
buildings, the old Police station, the Pishpash to the Zeitim CP. All
was "as usual".

At the Container the building is going on in an accelerated pace; new
asphalt roads and traffic isles. The road leading to Abadia has been
widened by two more courses that serve for parking the upheld cars.

The way to the little food store has been closed, the barbed wire
disappeared and the way to the army base ends with a newly painted
yellow gate. The temporary building was moved up to the new base on
the mound that is fenced all around. Stairs lead to four(!) new
security check cells that have been placed about 50 meters before the
existing concrete wall, (the shabby old umbrella is still there).

The car checking still goes on by the concrete wall and the Military
Police and Border Police keep on upholding cars. ID cards are taken to
be checked from bus passengers as well as from pedestrians returning
from hard day's work. We have counted 25 minutes of detention. The
papers are being checked at the military base. While we were there a
group of officers in a Jeep arrived to observe the CP, which increased
the strictness of the car checking. Many drivers on the way to
Jerusalem were asked to unload their cars.

On our way home we realized that remainders of asphalt were used to
fill the holes in the road that leads to the CP.