'Anabta, Thu 18.12.08, Morning

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Shoshana Z., Esti V. (reporting)

Translation: Galia S.


08:40  When we arrive there is a line of 4 vehicles heading Tulkarm and 14 on the way out of the city. The lines get longer or shorter depending on the soldiers' ability to manage all the things that have to be done. In addition to checking the cars they deal with a dozen commanders that come to check the checkpoints, a soldier who needs a change of clothes, etc. All things considered, there is no malicious behavior and it seems obvious that the soldiers want it to be a "good checkpoint".


From a talk we have with an official of the DCO [District Coordination Office of the IDF Civil Administration that handles passage permits] we understand that many incidents he knows about he has learned from our reports. He says he hasn't got enough information about 101, Baqa al Gharbyia and Baqa ash Sharqiya. Nava Moses has his telephone number.


09:00 – We are still in Anabta. Fifteen vehicles are now waiting to enter Tulkarm. Waiting time is no longer than 2-3 minutes.