Reihan, Shaked, Sun 14.12.08, Morning

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Hanna H. and Ruth T.

Guest: Sofi, student from Germany
Translation: Devorah K.

06:00 Reihan-Barta'a CP
Many workers are waiting for their rides in the upper parking lot. The people go through within about ten minutes. This morning we finally found out about an event that took place on the eve of the holiday in the afternoon. We received a phone call saying that the CP is crowded with workers returning from work and that only one post is open. Sharon, the civilian responsible for the CP, claimed that he is not obligated to man an additional post for the benefit of the illegal sojourners in Israel who 'were suddenly reminded' to arrive in honor of the holiday. One of the workers who 'dared' to ask him to open an additional post was detained for two hours.

6:45 - In the lower parking lot eleven pickup trucks with goods are waiting. In the shed only one car is being inspected and there are no cars waiting on the road.

7:00 Shaked-Tura CP
When we arrive it looks as if a soldier is coming towards us. But he turns to a driver who is waiting in his car, with an Israeli licence plate, facing the seamline zone. He demands that the driver drive back to the crossroads below. According to the driver, a resident of Arara, the soldiers simply victimize people. On Wednesday, for example, they confiscated the ID cards of everyone who arrived from the direction of the West Bank for half an hour. The driver did not go away: "I am an Israeli and I know I am allowed to stand here." The soldier does not repeat his demand. This morning the pupils are coming back from a week's vacation. Their schoolbags are inspected with great care. A little girl of about four takes her bag off her back at the gate.
7:20 - Ten men and women students arrive at the CP. There is one car at the inspection post. It goes through within two minutes. Workers come out of the inspection room in groups of five. Near the gate teachers and pupils are waiting.
7:30 - About fifteen people are waiting near the turnstile. A taxi is invited to enter. At least six cars are waiting on the other side.
7:35 - An old couple in a small cart drawn by a donkey ask are asked to wait near the gate. There is some problem with their son, but by the time we offer to help, the problem is resolved.

7:40 - About fifteen people are still waiting near the turnstile. The inspection in the pavilion goes on for longer than usual and the driver from Arara, who has been waiting since 6:50, is still waiting.

8:00 Reihan-Barta'a CP
We came back in order to take a sick child traveling with his mother to Rambam.

The bus from Barta'a arrives as it does every morning. The number of workers waiting for rides is now smaller.