Beit Iba, Tue 23.12.08, Afternoon

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Miki S., Nurit (an excellent photographer) Translator:Judith G.


14:20  Beit Iba

Few vehicles enter Nablus.  At the exit there is a bus, whose young passengers (students) are waiting in line along the checkpoint until their IDs are checked.  They say they have been waiting half an hour. The "dressing" scene is repeated every time (belts and sometimes also shoes).  Two stations are operating in addition to the "humanitarian line" which moves quickly.  We are told that there is a detainee.  The checkpoint commander confirms this, but refuses to give any details about the reason and says that it has not yet been three hours since he was detained.  We have no way to talk to him.  The DCO rep "suffers" from hearing problems and doesn't answer my request to discuss the detainee.  The bus continues on its way after inspection of part of the IDs. The pedestrian entrance to Nablus requires no inspection.  The DCO rep decides finally to talk to us and says that the detainee is a "bingo" and that they called the GSS.  The inspection of the students naturally includes taking off their shoes.  A youth who passes by with his shoes in his hands complains and the soldier next to him recommends that he wear sandals the next time.  A "good checkpoint" in comparison to yesterday, when they had to wait two hours according to one of the students. 

14:30  An ambulance leaving Nablus is inspected briefly by the military police. 

14:50  A bus leaving, only the young passengers are taken off';  the adults stay on the bus.  The IDs are checked against a short list.  Very fast, within 5 minutes everyone gets back on the bus. Another ambulance goes through.  After inspection of the IDs, it continues on its way in a few minutes. The detainee is guarded for the entire time he is held by the checkpoint commander himself, who refuses to speak with us.  We called the hotline and are waiting for an answer.

 15:20  We left.