Reihan, Shaked, Sun 28.12.08, Morning

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Ruti T. and Hana H, (reporting)
6.40-Rihan checkpoint
The upper car park area is vacant . Only 12 female workers have crossed over today and are awaiting transportation - the sewing workshop where they are employed has to complete an urgent big order. The male workers of the carpet plant also have already gone through and are waiting for their pickup.
Most workers who go through every morning didn't show up today, due to a three days strike.
We were told that those who do cross today are owners of shops and people working in the repair shop in Barta'a.
At the vehicle's inspection shed there is one car.

6 pickup trucks loaded with goods wait for inspection at the lower car park area.

7.10 - Shaked checkpoint
Concrete blocks were place in front of the checkpoint for slowing down traffic. Inside the checkpoint area a concrete barrier was placed to direct those coming and going to walk behind it as if it were a "shield" between them and the soldiers.
4 cars from the West Bank drive quickly into the Seam Line zone.
There is no school today - still Christmas vacation.

And in the next two days there will be no school due to the strike.

7:30 - Rihan checkpoint
At the lower car park area, at this time, there are only 3 pickup trucks. The parking lot is vacant and only a few cross to the Seam Line zone.
E. tells us that within the entire West Bank there is no change in the checkpoint.