'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Thu 25.12.08, Morning

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Zvia S., Rachel A. (reporting), Rucheleh – guest Translator: Charles K.

8:20 Jubara, Ar-Ras

A usual winter’s day. 
Reservists.  A group of soldiers being briefed at Ar-Ras.

When we leave the Jubara checkpoint
a reservist asks for our ID cards, and since one is missing he goes
to consult his commander, returning to inform us that this is the last
time we’ll be able to enter Jubara.

9:00 Anabta

The lane to Tulkarm is blocked
– roadblocks with a large STOP [in English].  In answer to our
question the commander says he decided to block the lane, and he has
the right to do so.  He doesn’t need authorization from higher
up in order to block the lane.  It’s more convenient in this
weather.  There’s also a dog handler and dog on site, and every
time a car leaving Tulkarm is stopped all the passengers have to get
out and the dog inspects the car inside and out.  They put a towel
on the seats.  The passengers stand in the covered booth so they
don’t get wet.  We want to photograph the dog’s inspection,
but the commander asks us not to.  Why?  Because that’s
what I’m asking.  There’s apparently some problem with a photograph
of a dog sniffing around inside a car.  The commander also understands
something about photographs.

We promised to include that
in our report.

A line of cars forms, and then
he lets everyone into Tulkarm without any inspection at all (reminder: 
their lane is blocked, even though they’re not being inspected), and
then has the dog continue to check people leaving Tulkarm.