Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Sun 14.12.08, Morning

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Leah S., Paula R. (reporting)

Most of our shift was spent in Hebron, where we've watched border-police soldiers detain youngsters, making their way to school or work, all round the city, for time-periods spanning up to 30mins.  

Road 60
No blockages or military presence were detected anywhere.

Sansana-Meytar CP
At 7am, we saw many workers awaiting their transportation on the Israeli side, but there were also many transit (vehicles) expecting workers, still on the Palestinian side of the CP. Transit was swift. 
It was also a day of prisoners' visits so families were there, waiting for their passage, due to begin as soon as workers' checks are over. 
Quiet a few trucks were waiting on the Palestinian side and, as A explained, they were supposed to upload sand, downloaded by Israeli trucks. 

Along the road, up to Shiyuch Sa'ir there was no military presence. 

Tarpat and Pharmacy CPs: we arrived late, so pupils have already passed through and both CPs were now deserted.
On the road climbing up to Tel Rumeida, there were two soldiers, sitting in their booth and no detaineesinfo-icon.

We arrived late because we watched detainees on one of the turns, branching off the road down the House of Dispute (where there is now a concrete block with the writing: "Hebron Heroes Neighborhood"): Four border-police soldiers detained six youngsters, some of whom made their way to school and others, to work. It took half an hour: 7:45-8:15am. Once those were released, the soldiers immediately detained another such group. When asked, the soldiers claimed that this was normal routine. The Palestinians, too, confirmed this, saying that it was everyday practice. We called Hadar, at the spokesperson's office: she indeed called them and then, even called us back, so we are hopeful that our call might have had its effect. 

Everywhere around the city, we could hear the noise coming out of the reception hall (where weddings, bar-mitzvah, etc. are celebrated) next to the [Patriarch's tombs'] Cave. Leah called the police, where Eli Zeiton said that only the Ministry for the Environment may order volume to be turned off and, anyway, he doesn't have any equipment with which to check the decibels.