Bethlehem, Tue 23.12.08, Morning

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Ruth E., Rama Y. (reporting), with a guest.

   06:30 AM, Bethlehem CP:  after a long interval our shift is back.  

Five checking booths were open on our arrival, but soon one closed up, and the lines became crowded. A volunteer of the ecumenical organization told us that at the other side one of the two turnstiles had been closed for quite a long time, and the female soldier doing the checking over there was screaming at the Palestinians to stand in line. It took the volunteer almost two hours to get through.


In the meantime the lines became denser and quarrels erupted in the crowding. At 07:10 a fifth booth opened, and within minutes the pressure was alleviated. By 07:45 the CP was almost empty.


14 people were not allowed through because the PC did not identify their palm prints.