'Anata, Qalandiya, יום א' 4.1.09, בוקר

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Shosh H, Avital T (reporting)
Another morning of war.  It is hard for us to what is at the checkpoints. 
We do not have information about closures of types of punishment that will face
the Palestinians this morning.

6:45 Anata
A typical morning indeed, pressure of cars heading in the
direction of the traffic light on their way to work.  School children,
highschools and pedestrians are checked quickly.  Typical tension of the morning
without an enhanced presence of security personnel.  But this is not the case. 
All along the sidewalk opposite the checkpoint, fences two meters in height have
been erected.  There will be those who will say that they are meant to protect
the pedestrians from the vehicles that are in their way, and those who will say
that they were erected from fear of demonstrations in the reaction of the
residents in the area to what is happening to their brethren in the war in

7:30 Qalandiya
The sight is totally different.  Here there are scarcely any
people.  The gatesinfo-icon are empty -- not a person -- just some signs of the lines
that used to be here.  According to the people around, there is not really a
closureinfo-icon but those with permits have had their passage refused and there are
incidents in which soldiers ripped up permits that were still valid.  We asked
that they tell us about specific incidents with names and details. 
The economic picture is that of a Shabbat moring.  There is no closure but
whoever must not absolutely come will not approach the checkpoint. 
Several young men crossed on their way to work.  Loud shrieks of the
soldiers move them from one empty lane to another empty lane.  What's this
terrorizing for and how can they understand the shouts over the
A final surprise.  Several women passed and quickly entered.  Suddenly, a
the quiet voice of a woman came over the loudspeaker asking to put down the
bag.  "Here, please".  Every word was clear and understood.  That was perhaps
the first request that I could hear