'Awarta, Beit Furik, Burin (Yitzhar), Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Tue 23.12.08, Morning

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Roi (a guest from abroad) Nurit W, Ninette B., Dina A. (reporting)

Translation: Hanna k.

A cold and oppressive day, even though there were no exceptional event, but the routine is what is difficult and causing despair.

At the entrance to the territories through the Samaria gate there are no checks, at the exit about 15 cars move slowly.

Marda - the entrance is open, Zeita is closed and the entrance to the village of Beita is open.

Za'tara (Tapuah) junction - from the direction of Road no. 5 there is no traffic. From the direction of Nablus there are about 22 cars waiting to pass, a transit car is checked at the square.

07:50. At this time of the morning there is no activity at the village of Huwwara. The shops are still closed.

Burin junction - from the direction of Yitzhar a military vehicle stands blocking and checks the passing cars.

08:00 Beit Furik CP -
As in the last weeks the pedestrians' passage is closed by a fence. There are no  residents who come by foot.
Vehicles pass from both direction into and from Nablus without any obstruction, although still hesitating. At the CP itself a few soldiers are posted.
At the entrance to Beit Furik the yellow barrier is open.

08:15 Awarta CP -
Contrary to the last months the CP at the exit from Nablus is crowded, we couldn't see how many cars were waiting but the drivers reported on a one hour's wait. Apart from commercial vehicles who usually pass there, this time also private cars pass and indeed there is a signpost indicating that the passage is for VIPs. Some drivers don't know that it is forbidden for them to drive on the road in the direction of the Huwwara CP. When we ask that the soldiers tell them that they should drive straight on so that they wouldn't have problems, they, as they usually do, say "they know" what is allowed and what is forbidden. The CP now is on the road itself and it is impossible to enter and see what happens inside.

08:25 Huwwara CP -
The parking lot it full with taxis waiting for livelihood, it does not seems that today they had much because only very few residents are leaving Nablus.

The old CP is completely demolished all that remains are the remnants of the installation for detaineesinfo-icon, and the prisoners' station.

The road is open for vehicles entering Nablus and the leaving cars are checked but there is no special load, on the side stands the x-ray machine.
And at the new CP there is a prison with high fences and observation posts and soldiers in secure booths, and only few residents are passing, there are 3 stations, a humanitarian queue and two queues for men. From time to time we hear the service-women, who can't be seen, screaming.

When we arrive and enter the area of the CP the CP commander comes up to us and tells us politely that we cannot stand at the CP - just at the entrance path to Nablus and this according to orders from the brigade commander, the order is from last week. We did not argue as anyway there was no movement of people leaving Nablus.
We went to the station for people entering Nablus, the gate for invalids was closed, there is a step to go on the pavement but allas it is impossible with an invalid-cart to reach it because the distance between the concrete cubes that are positioned there doesn't make it possible for this cart to pass. This time again we drew that commander's attention to the problem.

There was a very lively movement of residents at the entrance to Nablus, some of them will probably leave in the evening and then the load on the entrance will increase.

While we were still standing there and looking, even though from a distance, but the whole CP is spread out before us (one can see but not hear, ask, try to help) a soldier came up from the CP and said "from ideological reasons I wish to know why  you come here", we answer and he "if you were serious you should come also at two o'clock at night, just as I am here" we replied that he is obliged to be there he is sent, and he answered "I am not obliged I want to, I am here to protect the mountain of Beraha, Yitamar and Yitzhar". Black on white, not in order to prevent terrorist attacks on Israel, not for the security, point blank to protect the settlements. So sad and causing despair.

Most of the dialog we had today with the drivers and peddlers whose livelihood was robbed from them and they develop all kinds of systems to sell something notwithstanding, and to earn some money. They asked us to help them.

09:30 we left.

At the Burin junction the military vehicle was still there checking cars.

The town of Huwwara woke up to the day's activities.

Za'tara junction - Now we counted about 15 cars coming from Nablus and at the square a bus is being checked and a dog is also present.