Hebron, Sansana, South Hebron Hills, Tarqumiya, Tue 23.12.08, Morning

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Na'ama M. (Photo) Hagit B. (report)



6.40: No workers at the CP. Those who passed through are gathered around a campfire in the parking lot, trying to warm up. Buses with prisoners' families are gathered on the Palestinian side, while other buses already expect them on the Israeli side, waiting to take them to the prisons.

Road 60

New dust piles were put instead of the rocks in Daharia and Beit-Hanun. In some places it is impossible to climb over them (photo, below). The complaints filed against them last week seem to have made a difference – the dust piles were straightened up a bit, but the path is still very narrow.

Almost no traffic, either Israeli or Palestinian, along the road.

Road 35

The Humanitarian CP is closed. The place is surrounded with high dust piles. Many Palestinian taxis can be seen on the way to and from Tarqumiya.

Tarqumiya: The workers went through smoothly; many cars line up, to be checked; no dogs to be seen


Border Police soldiers are stationed in the surrounding of the House of Dispute, along the way to the Patriarchs' Tombs Cave as well as to Abu–Snan. Police patrol vans escort the prayers in the tent on the outskirts of Kiryat Arba.

Pharmacy CP
– Children are allowed through smoothly. 

Tarpat CP
– A new signpost was put up next to the CP; we were not allowed to take its photo but remember its general idea sufficiently well: "This CP was built for the purpose of safeguarding the Jewish population of the neighborhood." We encounter some TIP volunteers here while noticing some others, of the Christian Churches, behind the CP – they are no longer allowed entry to the H2 zone.

Tel Rumeida
– the blockage near the cemetery has been tightened up.

Patriarchs' Tombs' Cave CP
– Three detaineesinfo-icon were released as soon as we arrived. At the same time the volume of the music from the Gutnick center (a Jewish events hall) was raised.

The House of Dispute – Basem, the shopkeeper, told us that the settlers come to pray there every night but so far there have been no violent incidents.

  בית ענון, שיוך חברון – ביה"ס  לבנות– המעבר שהותירו להולכי הרגל