Beit Iba, Shave Shomron, Tue 20.1.09, Afternoon

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Macky, Amira (Netanya translating)

 13.30 Shave Shomron checkpoint.  Cars going to the north not checked. 2 army cars with their doors wide open stand to guard the checkpoint. A soldier is asleep in one of them. The others seems to have gone for an afternoon break.

13.45  Beit Iba. At the entrance to the checkpoint beggars sit on the floor. A man wanted by the secret service is detained. The commander says that he is "bingo". We phoned the centre but they know nothing about him. In the humanitarian line people pass and show their IDs. In the men's line the checking is pedantic....belts and sometimes shoes are removed. The bags are checked randomly. At the exit is a table for goods to be sorted out and for belts and shoes. Sometime the line empties out and the young try to pass through the humanitarian line but if they are too young they are sent back. And have to go through the ordinary line. The detained man has been there for half an hour and we phone the centre to remind them. The commander, A. and the soldiers speak with satisfaction about the war in Gaze.

We go back and the detainee is still there.