Beit Iba, Shave Shomron, Tue 13.1.09, Afternoon

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Riva B., Nur B. (reporting) Guest: Yehoshua R. Trans. Judith G.

14:55  Shavei Shomron

The inspection is not being done in both directions.  While the vehicles arriving from Jenin move forward, with a gesture from the soldier, those entering the city are standing still.

15:05  Beit Iba

Almost empty.  According to the soldiers, this is because of the exam period of the students.  There aren't any youths around whom it is possible to ask about this.  In the detention area (not the cell), there is a detainee.  The DCO doesn't know why.  N., the commander, doesn't want to tell us.  In the end, the DCO explains, without letting N. know that he has spoken to us, that it is a case of "bingo".
One station for the young men.  They take off their watches and belts before the passage through the metal detectors, hand over their IDs and hand bags through a small window  for inspection, to a soldier who sits within the protected booth.  A side line, called "humanitarian", is for women and older men.  Both lines are nearly empty.  At the entrance to Nablus, one family goes through with no inspection.
Vehicles:  one lane at the entrance to the city, two at the exit.  Not much traffic in either direction.  At the entrance to Nablus, there is no inspection and the booth is empty.  At the exit from the city - some of the time, without inspection.  In other cases, IDs are checked.  Twice the baggage compartments are checked.  The cars approach the station when a soldier indicates this with his hand gesture.


We visited Hawarra;  we wanted to see the new checkpoint.  When we passed by the Gilad outpost (on the sign is written "Yeshiva Shiru L'Melech"), we noticed that there is a military guardhouse built on the area of the illegal outpost