Beit Iba, Shave Shomron, Thu 29.1.09, Morning

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Shoshana Z. Nina S. Natanya translating.

The new checkpoint which is being built at the entrance to Beit Iba after the ascent to Shave Shomron new details are being added each time. What is missing......if they are to use it at the checkpoint is a parking lot for cars which are stopped for checking. If the checking is done as the situation seems now it will be awful and the lines will be extremely long.

9.00 Shave Shomron. When we arrived the checkpoint was not manned. When we stopped the soldiers came out of the shed and told us that it was forbidden for us to be there. As there was nothing to be done thee we said that we were moving and then the soldiers closed the gate and stopped all movement. When we asked what was happening we were told that it was always so and how come we did not know. We had a feeling that they had done this in our honour and so we moved down to the lower area of the road from where the soldiers could not see us but we could see that they were letting cars through. At the same time we phoned the humanitarian centre to complain. 20 minutes passed and no cars went through. We decided to go on and at the same time to stay in touch with the centre to check. At 9.25 they said that this stoppage was a daily event ...not clear why...but probably just part of the usual  terrorizing of Palestinian citizens. They said that now the checkpoint would open. We went there on our way to Beit Iba and so it was.

9.25 Beit Iba. Cars and citizens went through quickly. Few pedestrians. Not checking of those entering. The dogtrainer was present.