Beit Iba, Jit, Shave Shomron, Mon 19.1.09, Morning

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Nina S. Ronnie S. Natanya translating.

7.20 The crossroads of Jit are open.

7.30 Shave Shomron (Ganot in army language).  No checking but an "arrangement" of cement blocks makes the passage difficult and forces people to slow down.

7.35 Beit Iba. Cars are not checked and there is no line.  At the exit from Nablus is a line of 9 cars and the checking is fast and does not take long, At the checkpoint the commander, N. does not greet or take any notice of us. The soldier checking the humanitarian line is very pedantic  and sends back someone who came forward too fast and also anyone who does not fit into this line. The soldiers are chatting and the Palestinians wait.

The commander, N. checks the ID of a girl and something about the photo amuses him and he calls to his soldiers to come and have a look and all burst out laughing ignoring the embarrassment of the girl. Only when they see me watching quietly do they give her the ID back.

8.20 A Palestinian is taken out of his car which is coming from Nablus and is sent to the isolation and then to the detainee's shed. The passenger is allowed to go through with the car. He comes to find out what is happening with the detainee and is sent away. It turns out that the detainee belongs to the Palestinian police and he will let them know.