Reihan, Shaked, Sun 1.2.09, Afternoon

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Rutie T., and Hana H. (reporting)
15:05-Shaked checkpoint
The checkpoint is quiet and in the background development work is observed. A truck with cages arrives from the Seam Line zone and following an inspection proceeds towards the West Bank. A cab from the West Bank crosses over as well following a quick inspection.

Six adults and three children return  home, via the inspection room, from the West Bank to their home in the Seam Line zone.

15:30 - Rihan checkpoint
At the exit of the checkpoint at the Seam Line zone, stands a blue police vehicle and the officers check out drivers' licenses.
People from the West Bank cross over into the Seam Line zone and workers from the Seam Line zone and from Israel start arriving at the checkpoint.
Today, due to the rain, agriculture workers did not go to work and passage was rather quick without crowding of people.

Four cars are awaiting entrance into the vehicles' inspection area and this despite the vacancy at the inspection shed.
The inspectors claim that at this time an unmarked diplomatic car is being inspected. 10 minutes later the four cars do get in and go under inspection that lasts 35 minutes.

At this checkpoint too the development work continues. At the lower car park area we were told by drivers that today the Mevoh Dotan checkpoint was opened only at 6:00 while people were waiting at the gate since 04:00 am.

Also people said bitterly that at the Salem DCO they discontinued distributing agriculture work permits.
Villagers complain that such conduct exist only at Salem while the Tul-Karem DCO do distribute such permits.