Hamra, Wed 28.1.09, Afternoon

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Annina and Yehudit

Translation: Devorah K.

1320 - Hamra
There are many cars going in both directions. The passengers who went through the CP on foot are standing and waiting for the cars, which have not yet been allowed in for inspection. One of them says that today is a very bad day and he and his family have been waiting for more than an hour. I approached the soldiers to find out about this and of course they all leave what they are doing and come over to hear. The claim is that a few days ago, a pistol was found in one of the cars and that is why they are inspecting all the cars very thoroughly. "We prevent the transportation of ammunition and other dangerous materials; that is our task. That is why we are inspecting the cars from top to bottom." H., a man from the DCO wants to know who the man we talked to is; he speaks belligerently.
We explained to him that the man would not repeat his complaint to him (to H.) because he would be afraid to. The soldiers warn us not to talk to any of the people. After this routine conversation / argument, a lieutenant arrives stormily in a jeep and makes us go back behind the concrete huts (of course for our safety).

All the cars are inspected very carefully and slowly, and then the soldiers begin to let them through in both directions at the same time. Workers returning home also arrive. But they go through the pedestrian CP.

We met a person who is forbidden from going through by the GSS and we had him sign the papers.

By 15:30 most of the cars had gone through and we left.