'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Mon 2.2.09, Afternoon

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Elisheva E., Yona A. Translator: Orna B.

13:00 Jubara, A-ras
A reserve soldier opens the gate for us with a smile. A Palestinian youth
also wants to go through the gate to Jubara, to see a dentist, but he has no
permit and is refused.
We travel through the village which seems so pastoral, all green and
blooming, almond trees, anenomies , cyclamen, dandelion . At gate 753, a
bus carrying children to the village school, and an empty bus returning from the
village are going through. We also go through the gate with no delays and we
stop at the A-ras checkpoint. Here we meet four amused reserve soldiers. The few
cars that go through the checkpoint are inspected speedily.
14:15 Anabta
Three soldiers man the north checkpost and three others man the south
checkpost. Lively traffic in both directions. At the entrance to Tulkarm a large
lorry with yellow number plates (Israeli) blocks the passage for a few moments
when it gets the order to turn back. After that the passage in the direction of
Tulkarm is speedy and there are no queues. At the exit from the town there
are long queues and the passage is much slower. We mark a lorry at a distance of
20 cars and measure a waiting time of 10 minutes .
An ambulance, hooting and flashing, overtakes the queue and goes
through rapidly.
16:15 Qalqiliya
We counted 27 cars at the entrance to Qalqiliya . Traffic is at
a standstill, there is no coming or going. At the gate two male
and one female soldiers are chatting inside the checkpost. A minute
later one of the soldiers sticks his head and hand out and signals to
the next car to come forward. A short inspection of IDs , dimissal and a signal
to the next vehicle.  A few minutes later one of the soldiers
notices us and tells the others. The female soldier withdraws and goes over
to the eastern gate, at the exit from the town, where there is hardly any
traffic. The two male soldiers let some of the cars through with no inspection
and some after a very speedy inspection. The traffic into town is lively and the
line of cars is long. On our way back to our vehicle one of the taxi drivers
shouts to us: "How long do we have to stand here! It took me two hours to leave
and now two more hours."