Jalama, Reihan, Tue 3.2.09, Morning

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Hassida S., Miriam B. (reporting)

Translated by L.W

06:00 Reihan Checkpoint
Few workers passing the checkpoint. The seamstresses pass without delay. Six pick ups already waiting for cargo inspection. At the terminal exit we are told “today is good,” transit is quick. A young man asks for our help: he needs a permit to stay in Israel (he has an entry permit to the Seam Zone): he is married to an Israeli Arab and they have a son. His wife and son live in Nazareth and he is not permitted to join them, and lives in Yaabed. In the light of the policy negating family reunion, the chances are slim to zero and our help won’t be of use here.

07:30 Jalame Checkpoint
We were asked to take a babyinfo-icon for dialysis in Rambam Hospital . When we arrived, the mother and baby were not yet there. After telephone clarification with the coordinator at Rambam, he said that they are waiting in the terminal, and have a long wait. He asked our help in speeding up their exit. They agreed to let us in the terminal and Hassida asked the security guard to let them out before the rest. And, after quarter of an hour, the mother and baby came out accompanied by an aunt of the baby. At 09:00 we arrived at Meir Children’s Hospital, next to Rambam.

At the checkpoint we heard many complaints about slowness and thoroughness of the checks in the terminal (between 1-3 hours). Outside, two buses were waiting to take families of Palestinian prisoners to Israeli prisons. A Red Cross representative was supervising the exit of the families. Two police vehicles were parked in the lot.