Jalama, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 19.2.09, Morning

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Miriam B., Neta G. (reporting)
Translation: Bracha B.A.A’anin Checkpoint, 06:1שוב. 

The first people are going through.  One of the tractor drivers complains that on Monday afternoon he was not allowed to bring plastic scraps for recycling through the checkpoint from the seamline zone.  The scraps are now lying among the trees near the gate.An elderly man who has a medical problem with his legs is not allowed to go through on his donkey, and the donkey is forced to return to A’anin.  People joke that even a donkey needs a permit.  A phone call to the Liaison and Coordination Administration revealed that animals are not allowed through because of hoof in mouth disease (?).  Plastic scraps are not allowed through “because this is an agricultural checkpoint” - but they will clarify the matter again.We wanted to wait and talk with a representative of the Liaison and Coordination Administration who was there, but we got tired of waiting for him and left before the gatesinfo-icon were locked.

Shaked – Tura Checkpoint, 07:15The checkpoint is open and there is more traffic than usual.  Cars are checked very quickly and pass through alternately in both directions.All pedestrians in both directions pass through the inspection booth.  The schoolchildren, including the young ones, must wait outside in the cold before entering the booth.  It is not necessary to note that the schoolchildren have to pass through here each day from the seamline zone to their school on the West Bank!  At one point three young children receive special treatment from one of the soldiers who allows them to go through quickly straight to the gate.  Other children have been allowed to go straight through for a long time and try to go through as they did, but they are called back and told they have to go through the inspection booth.  They are already late for school.

Reihan - Barta’a Checkpoint: 07:40Light pedestrian traffic at this hour.  Those who arrived early have already gone through, and those who work in East Barta’a (in the seamline zone) have not arrived yet (from the West bank).  Three tenders loaded with goods are waiting to be checked.Jalameh Checkpoint: 08:40We came here to take a toddler to Rambam Hospital in Haifa for dialysis.  We didn’t manage to observe what was happening at the checkpoint because the girl and her parents were already waiting for us.