'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Qalqiliya, Thu 26.2.09, Morning

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Nina S. Shosh Z. Natanya translating.



The Children's gate. A school bus is waiting at the gate. The soldiers
say they are checking. In the village we did not  see children waiting.
After a while the bus was sent to wait at the side.


Another bus arrives from Jubara and is also detained. We phone the
civilian centre to complain that children on their way to school are
being detained and are told that the buses have been freed and we
explain to them that this is not so. At 7.30 The first bus was freed
but not allowed to enter Jubara and had to go back and a few minutes
later the second bus was allowed to go on its way.


A-Ras. All cars from Tulkarm are checked. 3 children of about 10 years
of ages arrive on foot from Tulkarm. The soldiers detain them but after
a few minutes they slip through to Jubar. Now the soldiers don’t care
so why were they stopped in the first place.


At the gate of Jubara the soldiers again detain children. We did not
see the end of the story. All the time cars at the exit from Jubara are


8.15 Anabta A large area of olive next to the checkpoint had been uprooted.  We
were surprised as the army had announced that soon the way from Tulkarm
to Nablus would be without checkpoints and here we see that they are
planning to build along the road a new and bigger checkpoint than there
had been. It seems the right hand does not know what the left hand is


Qalqiliya. Pedestrians are not allowed to pass on the path at the side
of the road and they are sent though the muddy field and pools. People
arrive in their good clothes and with beautiful and polished shows and
beg the soldiers to let them pass on the dry lane but the soldiers are
keeping this only for wheel chairs. As if there are any. The
pedestrians are sent hundreds of metres through the mud. Now and again
a line of cars forms and the soldiers bother those entering the city.
The policy of random and easy checking is forgotten.  When we left
there were 15 cars at the entrance to the city and this at an hour when
there is not much traffic.