Shave Shomron, Thu 26.2.09, Morning

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Shoshana Z., Nina S. (reporting),Chana S. translating

BeiBeit Iba, Thursday 26.2.09, morning


08:50  Cars were streaming down from Shave Shomron, so we decided not to ascend.


08:55 A line of cars at the exit and this line remained more or less the same length all the time we were there.  One lane for cars and one for ‘humanitarian cars.’


At the side is a car being checked with a dog, with all the contents unloaded. Also carts with donkeys are checked on exiting.  Cars entering are not checked.


A taxi arrives from Nablus and is sent for a dog check.  A father and two children get out, stand aside, take out all their belongings and after about15 minutes are allowed to continue on their way.


Pedestrians entering are not checked and there are not queues of pedestrians waiting to exit - but there, women, too, are checked, even elderly ones.


Another car is sent back to Nablus – no permit.


The commander of the checkpoint, new to the place, wanted to know who we were and why we were there.  He promised that as long as he was there, behavior towards the people passing would be good and fair – but checking was absolutely necessary.