Beit Iba, Shave Shomron, Mon 2.3.09, Morning

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Nina S., Asnat R. (reporting)

07:25 - Shave Shomron

Soldiers occupy the checkpoint but do not inspect passing vehicles.

07:40 - Beit Iba

There is a line of vehicles going out of Nablus. This is a result of a clumsy procedure where the passenger's IDs are taken for inspection during which time the vehicle needs to wait and so does the whole  line.

They don't always encourage drivers to pass through the humanitarian inspection post that runs parallel to the regular line.

 The Magnometer whistles and often the reason is not clear.

In a few instances the checkpoint commander volunteered to inspect a person manually and allow him through. 

The female police officer screams when the instrument whistles.

A regular depressing day. Perhaps we're more upset by those going through inspection who are well trained and quickly remove whatever needs to be taken off and as a matter of fact go through as if all that is simply a normal nuisance.