'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Thu 12.3.09, Morning

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Shoshanna Z., Esther V. Translator: Louise L.
Jubara, A- Ras

The gate is closed behind an
iron bar. The soldiers are reluctant to open it. They call headquarters,
and then they ask for our I.D. cards.

At A-Ras there are no signs of
the roadblock, and there are no other gatesinfo-icon within sight.
We are waiting for the gate to
open. Nobody seems to be in a hurry. Three soldiers come to open it.


The checkpoint is functioning
without any unnecessary delays. Heavy army equipment creating a lot
of noise and dust (tractors, a bulldozer with a fork cutting the rocks)
is working at full speed to construct the roadblock. Nobody intends
to evacuate the territories.

Vehicles with Israeli license-plates
enter the town and their permits are being checked. There are no lines
and the checking is quick.