Jalama, Reihan, Shaked, Sun 22.3.09, Afternoon

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Yocheved G. and Hana H. (reporting)

14:10 Jalama checkpoint
The checkpoint is bustling, the car park area if full of Israeli car.

Israelis return home loaded with shopping bags and agriculture workers return to their homes in the West Bank with baskets of citrus fruits.

Passage is quick, one window treats those who cross over to the West bank while the other one service those who return into Israel.

15:20 -15:50 -Shaked checkpoint
The checkpoint is slow and the four soldiers stand idol inside the shed which is covered with sacks.
A car waits on the West bank side , to cross over to the Seam Line zone, and as soon as we arrive on site the soldiers move and take the care for inspection, which is swift.

Very few people and five cars cross over on both sides.

16:00 Rihan checkpoint
The shed where vehicles that came from the West Bank were inspected, was removed.
Four vehicles are under inspection and three others are waiting. Inspection time is 15 minutes.

The lower car park area is full of cars waiting for the returning workers.

Many workers return from the Seam Line zone/Israel to the West Bank, prior to entering the terminal there is a huge crowed, only one window is open and screams and shouts can be heard from inside, every once in a while the carousel opens and about 10-20 people get in and then it closes abruptly lucking inside one or two individuals.Matter gets even worse when people of the opposite direction try to get in while people are stuck in it. we've been asking time and again to open one more service window.

At 16:45 that second window was open and the taking in of people into the terminal was in a reasonable pace.