Beit Iba, Shave Shomron, Mon 9.3.09, Morning

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Roni S., Osnat R. (reporting),Translator: Judith G.



After the turnoff to Shave Shomron, again a roadblock was erected where the road broadens to three lanes, rather mixed up (maybe on purpose, to prevent fast driving).


9:10  Beit Iba

Quiet in the pedestrian lane.  There is also a closureinfo-icon today and a holiday for the birth of Mohammed.  So the universities are closed and one sees more families.


The lane which is usually open for free passage into Nablus, has been closed  with brick barricades without changing the road signs. The drivers are supposed to understand that they have to pass on the far right lane.  Quite a few cars either enter without noticing that the lane is closed, or wait because they think that they are not supposed to pass through at all.  Why should they make things easy and put up signs?


Many vehicles in line at the exit from Nablus.  We counted at least 25 minutes for a truck that was in line when we arrived.  There seem to be more private cars which got exit permits, according to Salah from the DCO, because of the holiday.


Salah said that the Beit Iba checkpoint is supposed to stop functioning, and there will be a checkpoint on the road before the turnoff to Shave Shomron.  This will be a vehicle checkpoint only.  The restrictions will still be in force on vehicles from Nablus without a permit for going through this checkpoint.


10:20  Shave Shomron

There are soldiers at the checkpoint, but they are not inspecting the vehicles.