Jalama, Reihan, Shaked, Sun 1.3.09, Morning

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Ruthy T. and Hannah H. (reporting)

Translation: Devorah K.
6:00 - Reihan CP
The upper parking lot is empty - there are no people and no cars. We went down into the sleeveinfo-icon and met only DCO workers and the seamstresses; the farmers and the construction workers did not go out to work today because of the rain.6:20 - Two passenger cars are being inspected in the shed and the passengers are already waiting for them on the other side of the CP where it is freezing. The inspection lasts for about 20 minutes.The terminal is empty and quiet.6:30 - There are no vehicles in the lower parking lot. Five pickup trucks with goods are waiting for inspection; two additional ones are waiting for goods.People who arrive at the terminal enter immediately. A few cars go through from the seamline zone to the West Bank. A resident of Ya'abed told us that he is married to an Israeli woman and he has two children, but he is not allowed to live with his family. He received a police permit to live in Ara but at the same time, the police there harass him very frequently, so at the moment he lives in Ya'abed and must return every day. His wife can visit him only by coming through the distant Taibeh CP. In 1996, when he asked to be allowed to live with his family, the General Security Service proposed that he collaborate with them. When he refused, his request was rejected. They told us that in Kafin many houses were flooded and the Palestinian police took care of the people who were evacuated. 

6:50 - Shaked CP
The CP is still closed but the soldiers are already there. Four cars are waiting to go through to the seamline zone, but we do not see any people. Apparently they are hiding from the cold. At 7:00, the CP opens and immediately ten people enter the turnstile. The cars enter one by one for a short inspection. The first people to go through emerge from the inspection room after four minutes. 7:15 - Students and pupils are beginning to arrive, but we leave for Jalameh.

7:50 - Jalameh CP
Here too there are very few people going through today because of the rain. We take a patient to Rambam and the family reports to us that the passage was quick.