Qalandiya, Thu 26.3.09, Morning

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Mili M. Tamar A. (reporting); Guests: 3 German students; Natanya translating
6.30 The lines of people reached the end of the waiting room or rather shed. We were told that earlier the lines had reached the parking lot. One of the turnstiles was not working and two others opened every few minutes and those waiting pushed one another so that as many as possible should go through before the turnstile closed again. Those who passed through again had to join the long line at the checking posts.


Before the humanitarian line were some old people, women and pupils and each time the gate opened the soldier had difficulty closing it because of the pressure of those wanting to pass.  At the back stood a mother with her babyinfo-icon who had a pipe connected to his nose. She held him in her arms.  When we called the attention of the soldiers to this they let her pass in front of those who were waiting. At the same time a father with a baby wrapped in a big coat managed to get through. The two babies were held high about their parents' heads so as not to be squashed.

Some young men, not clear whether students are workers went backwards and forwards from the regular line to the humanitarian line, laughed at us and annoyed everyone on purpose  as they tried to get in to the line at the entrance to the cages.

7.45 The line began to get shorter.