'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Mon 23.3.09, Afternoon

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Rickie Y., and Ruti T.
Shaked-Tura Checkpoint 14:00

Upon our arrival, a merry soldier announces he is just reading a Machsomwatch report on his cell phone... Women and children are waiting for transport at the concrete station. A transit driver from Mal'una complains that he is obliged to leave his vehicle unattended and enter the 'aquarium' (inspection room). He is afraid something will be 'planted' in his car to incriminate him. Unlike him, a driver arriving from inside the West Bank says this crossing is very good, better than Reihan. Another driver complains he was not allowed to tarnsport building materials for the renovation work on his house.
  Although the cars proceed within minutes, the women and children manage to board a transit coming from within the West Bank only at 14:20. The soldiers do not let us stand near the gate.
Aanin Checkpoint 14:55
3 tractors and about 20 people wait at the gate that is opened upon our arrival. Passage is slow. Because of the complicated matching up of morning and afternoon passage lists of names. A DCO truck parks in between the gatesinfo-icon. From a vehicle arriving from Aanin emerge two dignitaries. They are heartily welcomed by 3 DCO representatives. Documents are spread over the concrete ledge and they conduct their meeting standing up. At 15:27 the last tractor enters. One of the soldiers shows great interest. He asks for documents, compares license plate numbers, takes a look inside the engine. What is the problem with this scrawny Ferguson? we ask. He gives us a thumbs-up. Everything's fine. Between the gates emerges an army jeep with the inscription: "Maintenance Crew of the SeamZone Barrier" which reminds us to complain for the nth time about the filth at this barrier. The gate is locked again at 15:37.
Bartaa-Reihan Checkpoint 15:50
We announced at the gate that our car contains packs of clothing and toys for delivery. A phone check results in our having to unload close to the gate so the delivery will be witnessed by the soldiers and save us an inspection upon leaving. The lower carpark is ful of vehicles. 4 cars on their way to the Fence pass one by one at a rate of one to two minutes. From the other side, 2 cars are being inspected.

At 16:12 a yellow cab enters for inspection. Its inspection takes exactly 18 minutes. At 16:30 many workers hurry towards the terminal on their return trip home. At 16:43 another window opens but shuts soon afterwards, as it is seemingly unnecessary. It will be opened once more at 17:15.

Some of the people on their way back tell us of an accident that happened in the morning at Yirtach checkpoint. A woman was run over. An ambulance was summoned. Rumors have it that she died. Few people now arrive from inside the West Bank, and complain of a delay due to a faulty inspection machine. At 17:20 a young couple comes out. The man points towards the terminal and mutters angrily: "Everything's shit. They're all asses."