Deir Sharaf, Jit, Mon 13.4.09, Morning

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Nina O., Roni S. reporting Chana S. translating

‘Ha-haviot’ [barrels] checkpoint

7.05 Jit junction open. At the entrance to the road leading to Sarah,
the yellow gate is locked.

7.10  Mahsom Ha-haviot

Entry to Nablus
is completely free and there are not even soldiers in the hut at the side of
the road but when an Israeli car arrives without permits, it is sent back.

At the exit there is random checkinginfo-icon.  The car to be checked is
diverted to the side so as not to interfere with traffic.  Travelers (mostly
young) have to get out of the car and give documents to the soldier.  As there
is no list or computer, the effectiveness of such checking must surely be
zero.  On average the check takes 10 minutes.

All in all, passage is quick in both directions.

The soldiers ignored our presence.

7.35  We left.