Huwwara, Za'tara (Tapuah), Thu 2.4.09, Afternoon

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Michal S. Yehudit L.

Natanya translating.

13.58 Za'tara.
From the west 2 cars and one checking post. From the north (from Nablus) 2 cars were being checked as we passed and the line emptied out. When we continued and saw the amount of cars coming we though of the line that would ensue.
14.07 Huwwara.
In the parking lot we met a  neighbour of I. from Huwwara village who had been shot the previous week at the checkpoint. He said that only his brother was allowed to see him through the window of the hospital. He wanted to know what his condition was. We gave him the number of "Bestelem". We were told that he had been due to get married in the near future. We hear again of the harassment of the soldiers toward children and kiosk owners in the parking lot.
It seems that the cancellation of the pedestrian crossing through the shed of the checkpoint ( as we have heard more than once) will not happen in the near future, if at all, as had happened at Beit Iba. This is because of the new considerations  of the occupation. This we heard from a representative of the army. On the other hand the Palestinians make a guess that the cancellation of the pedestrian crossing will come into affect after the "holidays" Passover, Yom Ha'atzmaut, Shavuot.
In the isolation is a detainee. His ID number appears on the list.  A., the DCO representative, says that the detainee had been freed about 6 months ago from an Israeli jail. He said that he had also told the detainee to go to the DCO and ask that his name be taken off the list. Hope it will help.
14.45 The detainee was released.
Under the shed the pedestrians wait, between 8-13 minutes. Today is less pressured than on  previous Thursdays.
The soldier in the armoured box checking the men uses the loudspeaker all the time and her voice is heard in the heavens. " What don't you understand, Muhammed Ahmad or however you are called." The side line which is supposed to go through quickly, the humanitarian, gets stuck now and again. From where we are allowed to watch is is not clear why.
15.28 Another detainee in the isolation ...a taxi driver being punished.
At the entrance to Nablus there are many people going through. A woman with her babyinfo-icon in a carrier for babies, a blanket and a large bag. Each item goes through separately with the help of passersby. A woman who had difficult walking was allowed to pass through the handicapped entrance after we asked a military police captain  to open the door even though he did not understand why he should do so. 
A Palestinian standing next to the turnstile entering Nablus needed to get a document that someone from Nablus was bringing him...he had to go through the turnstile at the entrance and then afterwards had to stand in line to be checked again as all the others were.
We did not see a line of cars at the entrance. There were two checking areas for cars leaving Nablus. For a moment we thought that we saw the end of the line but this disappeard when we started to count. IDs of passengers were checked while they waited outside the car 20 minutes 10 cars.
There was an x-ray machine but no dog.

16.05 Za'tara.
23 cars from the north and one checking area. We phoned the centre. A. promised to find out if it were possible to open another one.
16.10 Marda. 2 open gatesinfo-icon. Zeita blocked as always.