Hebron - ongoing violence by settlers

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Raya Y. (Reporting) and Muhammad. Editing: Mira Balaban; Translator: Natanya

Tarkumiya crossing: crowded with vehicles every day. Booking an appointment for Palestinians crossing into Israeli territory is done through an app and everyone passes according to the designated time, which makes the crossing easier. We met Yusuf Karaza from Halhul, who works as a taxi driver. He reports that on Sundays the traffic is unbearable, and each vehicle is inspected individually. Soldiers accompany the traffic along the roads.

At the Tarkumiya-Idna intersection, the army watches from the pillbox and soldiers walk around the square.

Hebron: ongoing violence by settlers, alongside attempts to extract information from children.

We spoke with Abu Anan, whose house is in front of the intersection of Kiryat Arba and Zion Axis, right below the Hill of the Fathers. The dirt path that leads from the Hazon-David tent at the intersection, to the house of Itamar Ben-Gvir, passes next to his house. Abu-Anan complains about five or six masked settlers who occasionally invade his home, and frighten the children and women in the house. He called the police but there was no response: no one came to protect him inside his home. According to him, the settlers are not satisfied with scaring the Palestinians, but treat his land as if it were their private property, planting and roaming freely.

We spoke with Jaber, whose family lives in an agricultural area next to the northern entrance to Kiryat Arba, just below the Alonei Mamre neighbourhood. In the past we reported on problems and harassment of the authorities for the water supply to the family's cultivated lands. Jaber says that soldiers in Hebron stop children between the ages of eight and nine and question them about throwing stones in neighbourhoods where settlers live.