Jordan Valley: A solar panel meeting

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Rachel A. (Reporting) and two from Taayush Marcia L., Translation

After the aging and worn-out existing system of supplying solar energy,  a meeting was held with the company, Comet-ME, LTD., that established the solar system in Area C, and  with the local Mukhtar, people from Tubas Council, and with residents.  Comet-ME established a solar system in every area south of Mt. Hebron and now it continues to build in the direction of the Jerusalem area and the Jordan Valley.  According to their work plan, there is a only a chance of cooperation next year.


The solar system was installed by the local council with funding from European states.  For the residents who live in Area C, the principal problem is maintenance.  There is no maintenance. There is no answer to what is broken or worn out.  Comet-ME, an Israeli company, which is also funded by sources from abroad, builds a system, and therefore is obligated for maintenance all the time that there is a need (Occupation).  And that is the big difference.