Al Fawwar – sudden road blocks again

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Michal (reporting and photographing) and Muhammad; Translator: Natanya
דרום הר חברון - שקדיות פורחות

A foggy and dusty day.

We drove along Route 60 and Route 356.

Israeli flags are flying in every corner.

Opposite the Shim’ah settlement on the west side of road 60 is the Yehuda farm, of which we wrote about in  recent years. In the application of paths in Israel, Amud Anan, it is defined as an agricultural farm for raising sheep. This week a very large Star of David was added, which according to Muhammad is also illuminated at night. This is in addition to the giant flag that has been there for some time, and has already been reported. From the road you hear the sounds of a bulldozer that is probably preparing the ground for another building.

In front of the spring near the Dura al Fawwar intersection, today the cement barriers are manned and the soldiers are standing with weapons, possibly loaded, and the Israeli flag next to them. We didn't manage to take pictures, but we felt the nationalism in the air. At the al Fawwar grocery store, they say that the soldiers once again started making sudden roadblocks at the intersection at all hours of the day.

There are many vehicles in the parking lot of the Hebron Police Station – Yehuda brigade. People say that recently they can make an appointment to arrange permits of various kinds through an app. This might make things a little easier and save waiting times.

Route 356:

In front of Ad-Dirat (eastern Yatta and Khalet-al-Miya) again we see unusual security: a soldier with a loaded weapon and a large Israeli flag next to him. We are really afraid to get close.

But, near the entrance to Bani Naim, the almond trees are blooming. They bring some beauty for the soul in this area.