Tura checkpoint: "Everything is not right, neither in the morning nor in the evening"

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Rachel Weizman and Ruti Tuval Translation: Naomi Halsted

North, May 2, 2023


15:20 Barta’a-Reihan checkpoint

A large number of workers are arriving at the checkpoint on their way home to the West Bank. On the Palestinian side, heavy equipment continues to work on the new parking lots – digging on the hills on both sides, filling in and levelling.


On the way to Ya’abed checkpoint, beside one of the pillboxes, two soldiers are positioned on the other side of the concrete blocks with rifles aimed at the road, one facing east, one west.


15:40 Ya’abed-Dotan checkpoint

Traffic is flowing. The checkpoint doesn’t appear to be manned at all.


We drive to the abandoned Hermesh checkpoint and wander around a bit in the settlement of the Turkmen shepherds on the other side of the hill opposite.


16:30 Tura-Shaked checkpoint

The flags of Israel and the Border Police are flying at the entrance to the checkpoint. In the sleeveinfo-icon leading to the inspection room, we can see a group of workers squashed together. At the same time, a group of women and children is arriving from the West Bank and waiting for their ride. One of the drivers tells us that “Since the Border Police got here, the checkpoint has been disgusting. It takes ages for the line to clear.” They say “the checkpoint hasn’t been functioning properly for a long time. It’s chaos in the morning and chaos in the afternoon.”


30 מחסום טורה-שקד

בכניסה למחסום מתנוססים דגלי ישראל ומשמר הגבול. בשרוול המוליך לחדר הבידוק ניכרת הצטופפות של קבוצת פועלים. באותו זמן הגיעו נשים וילדים מן הגדה והמתינו להסעה. אחד הנהגים אומר לנו "מאז שמשמר הגבול כאן – המחסום גועל נפש". התור השתחרר אחרי זמן רב. אומרים לנו ש"המחסום לא בסדר כבר הרבה זמן. בלגן בבוקר ובלגן אחה"צ".