Hebron, South Hebron Hills, Zif Junction

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Michal Tz.; Natanya translating.

Very hot  and few people anywhere

As to be expected after the capture and elimination of the murdered of Rabbi Mark of Otniel,  after a  month the closureinfo-icon has been almost completely lifted and almost all the checkpoints are open. Only on the way to the way to Avda is there still a barricade of stones.

At the crossroads of Dura-el Fawwar everything is routine although in the night the IDF entered to look for those who aided the murderer of Rabbi  Mark. Nothing of notice in the morning.

Also there is  a road which has never been blocked before. The road to the house of Ata Jaber to the right of road 60 is blocked to those coming in from the south.

Beit Anun, the entrance to Sair and Hebron is still blocked.


Mitzpeh Avihai has been much enlarged. There is a big poster “Returning to Mitzpeh Avihai”

At the bottom between the vineyards stands the house of Hillel Ariel on its own. This is evidently the reason for the renewal of the project.

The city is fainting from the heat. No one is in the streets. Apathy.

I. has just come back  from the Hebron Municipality. He is attempting  to deal with the army authorities who wish to  destroy the second floor of his house which overlooks the Route of the Worshippers. He says that  although they have stopped the building, at least nothing has been destroyed. (We saw this).

Abed of the souvenir shop says that everything is quiet. Moroccan Moslem pilgrims enter  the mosque.

We went back through road 317.

The entrance to Yatta at the crossroad of Zif is still blocked by the gate.

Also the entrance to Yatta through the water reservoirs approximately opposite Tuwani is suddenly blocked  by stones.